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Jose Acuña Bautista or popularly known as Ramon Revilla, Sr. (born on March 8, 1927),[1] is a Filipino actor and former Senator of the Republic of the Philippines.
He is best known as the “King of Amulets (Hari ng Agimat)” in Philippine movies.

He is the youngest child of the 10 children of businessmen Inddefonso Bautista and Andrea Acuña.
Reports say that he fathered 72 children from different women, however only 38 of his children are officially acknowledged and carry his surname. Evelyn Bautista-Jaworski, the eldest among the children and wife of former senator and PBA legend, Robert Jaworski while the youngest is named Abigail.[2]
The first family of Ramon Revilla, Sr. is with the mother of Evelyn Bautista-Jaworski.
It is reported that Azucena Mortel is Ramon Revilla’s second partner, this produced 7 offsprings; namely, Marlon, Rowena Bautista-Mendiola, Jose Marie (Bong Revilla), Rebecca Bautista-Ocampo (Princess Revilla), Edwin (Strike Revilla), Andrea Bautista-Ynarez, and Dianne.
And with Genelyn Magsaysay, they produced 9 offsprings; namely, Ram Revilla, Ramona Belen, Ragene Anne, Ragelyn Gail, Ram Joshua, Ramon Joseph (RJ), Raphael Julius, Reuben Jesse, and Ramlyn Gabrielle.

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