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Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles (2012)

pinoy movies 4 months ago

9.60K 0

Makoy will do whatever it takes to get back his girlfriend Sonia, who’s pregnant with their child. He makes the trip to her hometown, and is quickly rebuffed by Sonia’s mother Fely. But Makoy has never been one to giv...

Tumbasan Mo Ng Buhay! (1993)

pinoy movies 4 months ago

1.76K 0

Starring: Rudy 'Daboy' Fernandez, Nanette Medved, Roi Vinzon, Ronaldo Valdez, Andy Poe, Amado Cortez, Jaime Fabregas, Zandro Zamora, Conrad Poe, Joey Padilla, Eula Valdez, Danny Riel, Val Iglesia, King Gutierrez, Erni...

Hostage (2001)

pinoy movies 5 months ago

4.39K 0

Jimmy Pizaras’ ultimate goal in life is to kill the drug lord Johnny Morales to avenge the death of his daughter Annie and cousin Congressman Santos. Jimmy devised several plans to execute his goal. But when his last ...

Lucas Abelardo (1994) Roi Vinzon, Bembol Roco

pinoy movies 1 year ago

4.84K 0

KAPiTAN TUMBA (1995) Roi Vinzon, Ace Espinosa

pinoy movies 1 year ago

2.09K 0

TAGALOG ACTiON, DRAMA MOViE.. The Capt. Jose Huevos Story of Bulacan ... Starring Roi Vinzon, Ronaldo Valdez, Ace Espinosa, Dindi Gallardo, Daniel Fernando, Conrad Poe, Zandro Zamora, Edwin Reyes, Joey Padilla, Boy Al...

Tapusin Natin Ang Laban (1997) Roi Vinzon

pinoy movies 1 year ago

2.50K 0

TAGALOG ACTiON, DRAMA MOViE... Starring Roi Vinzon, Yuen Biao, Karen Timbol, Levy Ignacio, Rey Flores, Cheung Fung Yi, Jessica Hsuan and Michael Lam / Directed by Ricky Lau

Mahirap Maging Pogi (1992)

pinoy movies 1 year ago

4.77K 2

Starring Andrew E., Roi Vinzon, Gelli De Belen, Dennis Padilla, Janno Gibbs, Ogie Alcasid, Anjo Yllana, Leah Orosa, Ana Roces, Ruby Rodriguez, Mia Pratts, Patrick Guzman, Almira Muhlach, Michael De Mesa, Mary Walter, ...